The Royalty Collection For Her

Kalonda is creating a collection of timepieces meant for the most Royal beings among men: Women. The vision behind the Royal Collection for her is that every women is Royal, but only a true queen isn’t afraid to fail: A true queen knows failure is just a step towards greatness and beyond.

The Royal Collection ‘for her’ is based on the design of the existing Royal Collection ‘for him’, but is adapted to fit the royal needs of the queen. The timepieces of the Royal Collection ‘for her’ are designed to be appealing for passionate, ambitious women.

The new collection consists of more models, more features and new quotes created by Kalonda. One of the new, luxury features is that the Royal Collection ‘for her’ is created with Swiss excellence on-board.

The Kalonda Royal Collection ‘for her’ will be a great way for kings to show their love and gratefulness towards their queens. More information about the release of the Kalonda Royal Collection ‘for her’ will be released soon.