How to adjust the watch band for Kalonda’s Royalty Collection – Mesh Band

One of the big advantages the Kalonda mesh band has, is that you don’t have to pay a visit to the jeweler in order to adjust the size of the watch band. You can do it yourself and this video demonstrates how to do it!

You need:

– An exclusive Kalonda Royalty Collection timepiece
– A flat, small metal tool like a screwdriver

The perfect fit What is a perfect fit? A perfect fit isn’t too tight and it also isn’t too loose. You can play with the strap to create your own perfect fit. Once you find your proper fit the watch should be tight enough on your wrist to stay in position, even when you lift your arm. But it should be loose enough to adjust the position of the watch on your wrist when you need to type, write or carry something. Always wear your Kalonda with a proper fit and infinite ambition.

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