introducing The Mystery Of The Royal Black Watch

Kalonda proudly introduces you to the Royal Black watch! We’ve put a lot of effort in creating the right design that fits well with the branding of the Royalty Collection and the Kalonda brand. The vision behind the Royalty Collection is that nobody is born royal, royalty comes from what you do. Every timepiece in the Royalty Collection has its own unique quote created by Kalonda.

“A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” is the quote that is inside the Royal Black watch. The quote motivates the wearer when the road seems rough and full of obstacles, but it reminds the wearer of the heavy road once he has traveled it. Life isn’t always what we expect it to be and our hopes and fears may be closer to each other then we think. If we are at the start of a new chapter in our lives, and the road ahead seems rough, remind yourself that even the longest journey starts with a single step. Never forget that success is the long-term result of all small efforts combined.

While designing the Royalty Collection, we have created a mixture of elegancy and extravagance and the result is a watch with a unique look and feel to it. The Royal Black watch can be worn as an everyday watch, but can also be that piece in your collection that you only want to wear on a certain occasion or with a certain outfit. The beautiful box that comes with every Kalonda completes the Royalty Collection and when you open it up, you will notice the Kalonda tagline embracing the Royal Black and the wearer.

The Royal Black can be ordered through our webstore at